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PSD2 Compliant Strong Customer Authentication

Single Device SCA


Okay is the fully PSD2 compliant Strong Customer Authentication platform that provides transaction and authentication security to apps, shielding the entire authentication process from any threats.

We help all issuers, remittance services and e-wallet providers comply with PSD2's SCA requirements to deliver multiple authentication methods, including biometrics and strong security mechanisms at the point of transaction. Okay specifically shields the authentication process during in-app transactions such as payment authorisation from any cyber-attacks, however sophisticated they may be.

Okay's goal is to help our customers reduce their journey to be SCA compliant – all at minimum cost – so that they can stay ahead of innovative fraudsters, without compromising on a great user experience. 

Our security services are delivered through cloud or on-premise. The Okay SDK is light and designed to protect the transaction authentication process only, not the app or the smartphone. We make security scalable, and it's easy to do via simple APIs.Security Research and Consulting from Germany fully audited our technology, customers choosing the Okay SCA platform will be sure to comply with regulatory requirements.


At Okay, we live and breathe security. The security level is such that we can help protect transactions on any smartphone, even one that is already compromised by malware; additionally, our security counter new, previously unknown attacks as they happen.

With Okay SCA in place, you can be sure your users will sign what they see.

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