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'Open Banking opens up the possibility that any company, whatever their size or sector, can provide financial products and services online.'


Understanding how to harness it could be critical to your company’s future growth. ​


Recognex is passionate about Open Banking and committed to delivering world-class business solutions that allow companies of all sizes to embrace the opportunities it offers. 

We believe that everybody benefits when information is readily available and shared freely.


We help demystify fintech and show you how easy it is to join the Open Banking revolution.

"We very much appreciate and value the impartial and helpful advice that we received from  Recognex’, which resulted in us forming an excellent partnership with an industry leading supplier".      William WIlson, CEO,  
Glass Buildings
what we do

The regulation around Open Banking can be difficult to interpret and is highly dependent on the type of business and an understanding of the regulatory intention.

Your approach to joining the ecosystem will involve striking a fine balance between outsourcing technical complexity and avoiding vendor lock-in.

Another key danger is ‘overscoping’ your regulatory compliance and the blanket application of technical compliance.


We’ll share our learnings with you and shorten your learning curve.


We will help you understand when to buy, when to build and when to do neither!




Bespoke Consultancy 

You could be a football team trying to deliver a biometric payment system for use inside your stadium; a concert promoter looking for mobile phone-based ticketing; or a small retailer interested in taking their loyalty programme to the next level. 


You might even have started on your Open Banking journey and are looking to endorse previous conclusions or identify new supplier options. 



Glass Buildings


We work to empower you with the right questions and the right answers to help you build your business case and to help you choose the best partners for the quickest and safest route to market.



With an extensive network and over 25 years experience we can help you with your product strategy and partner relationships


From Tier 1 Bank to small payments start-up we can help you navigate the minefield of PSD2 and RTS compliance

knowledge base

You’ll also be able to collaborate and share your thoughts with other members as well as access our repository of FAQs around legislation and compliance 

Vendor selection

We’ll help you ask the right questions for your RFP using our unique RFP Builder tool  and manage direct content with possible partners.

Why should Fintech Collaborate on Cyber-Security?

A recording of our webinar with ITC Security and IronNet on 17/06/2020 discussing why collaboration is essential to create and act on consortium threat intelligence  

Let's Talk

We are passionate about Open Banking and its future potential to support business growth. 

Let's see how we can help you.

Recognex's Co-founders: 


Mike has 25 years experience of working in the banking and payments sector. His work includes designing and rolling-out global enterprise compliance solutions and more designing mobile wallet and open banking payment products.

Matthew spent 20 years working as an international diplomat for the UK government before moving into the world of Fintech. He has deep experience in the world of cyber- security and geo-politics.

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