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What types of online payment service providers are required to be registered or authorised by their National Competent Authority?

Unless otherwise excluded or exempted, all businesses that provide online payment services as a regular occupation or business activity need to apply to their National Competent Authority (<a href="/glossarycollection/national-competent-authority" style="color:#48277C;" target="_blank" title="National Competent Authority"><u>NCA</u></a>) to become registered or authorised to become a Payment Initiation Services Provider (<a href="/glossarycollection/payment-initiation-services-provider" style="color:#48277C;" target="_blank" title="Payment Initiation Services Provider"><u>PISP</u></a>), ccount Information Service Provider (<a href="/glossarycollection/account-information-service-provider" style="color:#48277C;" target="_blank" title="Account Information Service Provider"><u>AISP</u></a>) or issue e-money as an Electronic Money Institution (<a href="/glossarycollection/electronic-money-institution" style="color:#48277C;" target="_blank" title="Electronic Money Institution"><u>EMI</u></a>).

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