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What are the Open Banking Comparison Site use cases?

Open Banking could transform the way you use price comparison websites: if you choose to give a regulated price comparison website access to your account information, you’ll be able to get results based on what you actually spend.<br/><br/>

Sourcing: Open Banking Implementation Entity<br/><br/>

Open Banking and comparison go hand in hand, which is why we’ve launched our own bill manager service, to help save you money and find better deals. With our Bills Checker service, you can:<br/><br/>

Manage multiple current accounts and credit cards all in one place;<br/><br/>

Keep track of all your transaction data;<br/><br/>

See all recurring bills and subscriptions;<br/><br/>

Identify changes in bills with the ability to compare options from different providers for a better deal.<br/><br/>

Sourcing: Compare The Market

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