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How do I go about digitising my customer journeys? Where do I start!?

Execution is complex, requiring a complete reinvention of customer journeys and supporting processes.<br/><br/>

Radical though this may sound, “reinvention” is no exaggeration, because digitizing existing processes is seldom the solution. Instead, successful transformations begin with a zero-based redesign of the customer experience of a given task, such as opening an account or renewing a service. That involves ignoring everything the company already has in place and asking, “What would be the best possible experience a customer could have when completing this task?”<br/><br/>

Only when a business has defined what that experience should be can it figure out how to build the processes and technologies needed to support it. By digitising these processes, the business can reduce costs, improve customer experience, capture value, and move to a next-generation operating model.<br/><br/>

Most institutions understand the importance of a positive customer experience to the bottom line, but few excel at designing or delivering it. The transformations that bring the biggest benefit start by imagining what a world-class customer journey would look like, rather than settling for
tactical evolution of the current state. This requires reimagining the entire journey, which many organisations find hard to achieve after years of incremental improvements.<br/><br/>

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