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Can you provide an example of a company that incorporate my solution into their Government digital framework services

'Fortrus' is a great example of a company that wraps other digital service providers into a single digital transformation service to government. By working with companies like 'Fortrus' you could wrap your solution into an existing digital framework contract and avoid some of the pain-points associated with securing a government procurement contract.<br/><br/>

'Fortrus' Site Text Begins<br/><br/>


Digital Transformation is about revolutionising the way IT is procured, deployed, implemented and consumed.<br/><br/>

At Fortrus, our mission is to deliver Digital Transformation through outcomes-based solutions, wrapped in a Managed Service. This approach reduces risk, ensures the most effective and innovative technologies, and provides guaranteed results.<br/><br/>

Our mission is to radically improve how this happens in Private and Public sector organisations, across industry verticals and territories.<br/><br/>


The Fortrus vision is that solutions should be procured as best-of-breed, with multiple suppliers brought together to deliver a beneficial outcome. Delivery plans and architectures should seamlessly integrate, and business cases should deliver real value for money and ROI.<br/><br/>

All of this should be provided by a singularly responsible organisation enabling the client to focus on their core business.<br/><br/>

Fundamentally, business cases must support this and should be a fixed delivered outcome rather than weighted with client risk.<br/><br/>


Fortrus bring all of these goals and benefits together by delivering multi-vendor outcome-based transformation programmes.<br/><br/>

Our Digital Transformation Frameworks uniquely align suppliers behind a single contracting authority.<br/><br/>

By capturing outcomes, solutions and methodologies, our Blueprint Enablement Capability ensures that the latest technologies and innovations are delivered with proven value for money and to a fixed contractual outcome.<br/><br/>

Fortrus also mitigate our client's risk by taking ownership of the business outcomes and Digital Transformation delivery.

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