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What is the regulatory intent behind the doc: FCA Role Under the PSRs 2017 and the Electronic Money Regulations 2011?

This Financial Conduct Authority (<a href="/glossarycollection/financial-conduct-authority" style="color:#48277C;" target="_blank" title="Financial Conduct Authority"><u>FCA</u></a>) document helps businesses to navigate the Payment Services Regulations 2017 (<a href="/glossarycollection/payment-services-regulations" style="color:#48277C;" target="_blank" title="Payment Service Regulations"><u>PSR</u></a>) and the Electronic Money Regulations 2011 (<a href="/glossarycollection/electronic-money-regulations" style="color:#48277C;" target="_blank" title="Electronic Money Regulations"><u>EMR</u></a>) to understand the FCA's general approach in this area.

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