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What is OBIE proposing for Variable Recurring Payments in the UK

Open Banking are proposing two specific mechanisms for enabling Variable Recurring Payments (VRPs).
<b>VRP Payments with an SCA exemption</b>
These are possible when explicit consent has been provided to the PISP provided that:
a) the payee is fixed;
b) the number and/or frequency of payments is fixed (or capped); and
c) although the amount cannot be fixed in advance, there are clear parameters around the permitted value, such as maximum individual payment amount, maximum total value in a month or year etc.
<b>VRP Payments with delegated SCA</b>
<br>These payments require that a bi-lateral contract is agreed between the ASPSP and the PISP and that SCA is performed in the PISP environment, for every transaction that false outside the original payment limits that were consented to.

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