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What is an Account Information Service Provider (AISP)?

An AISP a company that has registered with the relevant National Competent Authority (<a href="/glossarycollection/national-competent-authority" style="color:#48277C;" target="_blank" title="National Competent Authority"><u>NCA</u></a>) in order to provide Account Information Services. With their explicit consent, the AISP is able to pull information, (e.g transaction history) from the account holder's account in order to provide value added services to the Payment Service User (<a href="/glossarycollection/payment-service-user" style="color:#48277C;" target="_blank" title="Payment Service User"><u>PSU</u></a>). An example is an AISP that consolidates the user's financial history across multiple accounts to give them a single view of their activity in a financial planning tool.

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