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How should a company visualise a new operating model?

A simple way to visualise this operating model is to think of it as having two parts, each requiring companies to adopt major changes in the way they work:<br/><br/>

The first part involves a shift from running uncoordinated efforts within siloes to launching an integrated operational-improvement program organised around customer journeys [the set of interactions a customer has with a company when making a purchase or receiving services], and the internal journeys [end-to-end processes inside the company].
Examples of customer journeys include a homeowner filing an insurance claim, or a shopper looking to buy a gift online.
Examples of internal-process journeys include Order-to-Cash or Record-to-Report.<br/><br/>

The second part is a shift from using individual technologies, and operational capabilities in silo and applying them in combination to achieve compound impact.<br/><br/>

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