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Can you provide an example of a solution that incorporates open banking into a federated identity service?

AVOCO provides the following value proposition on their website:<br/><br/>

The solution has three options that can be used together or separately. The examples below show use in a government context:<br/><br/>

1) Service Sign-in:<br/><br/>

Sign into a government service using a bank ID (federation). Avoco support thousands of different banks using Open Banking. Optionally, customers can supply a verified bank account number; this is verified during customer registration using Open Banking - the act of signing in via a bank offers assurance that they have been <a href="/glossarycollection/customer-due-diligence" style="color:#48277C;" target="_blank" title="Customer Due Diligence"><u>CDD </u></a>/<a href="/glossarycollection/know-your-customer" style="color:#48277C;" target="_blank" title="Know Your Customer"><u>KYC</u></a> checked.<br/><br/>

2) Add Assured Data to Existing Account:<br/><br/>

Open Banking can be used to add assured data to existing government service accounts to update them with verified bank details.<br/><br/>

3) Use Open Banking after account setup/sign in to drive assured transactions:<br/><br/>

Customers can use Open Banking to share bank details, set up payments, etc.

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